In business we employ the services of a myriad of other businesses. There is the IT Consultant, the Marketing guru, the Insurance guy, the HR specialist, the Accountant, the Mortgage Broker, the Financial Planner, the Website Designer and the list goes on...........

Do you ever stop to think about whether these advisors actually take and implement their own advice?

When you choose a website designer how often do you review their website before deciding on employing their services? Do you do this with other advisors?

Have you asked your Financial Planner if they have a Financial Plan and if so how often they review, adjust and update their Plan, or whether they have their own personal insurances up to date?

Have you asked your accountant whether they have their own business plan, marketing plan or have a strategic direction? Or how much time they spend each month working “on” their own business as opposed to “in”?

If advisors are not taking, practicing and implementing their own advice with their personal businesses I wonder whether they passionately believe in their advice?

So how important is it to you that your advisor walks the talk?