The last few posts have been about what I took away from #xerocon, and this one is no different. The third thing I took away from the conference was how great Xero are as a team. Yes its fantastic to see a business who wants to listen to their customers and who knows their market inside and out but without a great team to implement the business would not be any where near as successful.

So from the outside in why do I think they are a great team?

First of all they work like a team. From the top. The big guns Rod Drury & Hamish Edwards would have to be the best leaders anyone could ever imagine. Throw in Chris Ridd as the Aussie leader & everyones favourite Wayne Schmidt and who would not want to work for Xero. The whole team exudes a relaxed yet highly driven vibe. They are all down to earth yet secretly competitive with one another, have heaps of fun and are extremely motivated to see the product and brand succeed. They love the rapid pace of change in their Industry but also know that without solid ground roots everything would come unstuck. Basically without the great team behind the scenes there is no way the Company would have had the successes they are experiencing.

So how well do your team rate? Would you be happy to stand up and say that your business would not be where it is without your team? If not why not? What would have to change? Does your team have the same level of dedication that the Xero team have? Do they all have the same level of drive? What impact do you think it would have on your business if you had this winning team? Would you then become an employer of choice?

So this weeks challenge is to ask yourself the above questions. Then work on an action plan to ensure your Team is the Number 1 asset in your business.