Knowledge & Action.......what a killer combination

Last weekend the Growthwise team set off on a road trip for an accountants masterclass. It was 3 days of jam packed knowledge around strategy, communication and change. Time for us to work "on" our business.

So what was my lightbulb moment?

Knowledge is absolutely fantastic and a key to improving your business. Yes you need to have a great understanding of the drivers in your business, you absolutely must have an understanding of your businesses numbers & you need to ensure you are constantly reviewing these.


Knowledge without Action is useless.

A few months back I wrote about Knowledge & what is does to your business & followed up with Action: What it can mean for your business. But after our weekend session I realise in reality putting an action plan of the knowledge you have in place is still quite difficult for some.

But why?

Do we have a fear of failing if we implement something? If we are not 100% sure something will work do we put it in the too hard basket? If we don't have someone to hold us accountable is it just all too easy to put the implementation off?

Have you ever been to a conference or read something and thought that would be great in my business but then never implemented? Why do you think that is the case?

What do you need to change in your business so you can turn your knowledge into action?

Need help with the plan & then keeping on track? Let us know & we can work with you on designing, implementing & staying on track, the killer combination.