Taking Charge

"It's hard to believe that it's already August." A term we hear a lot. And it's true - time certainly does seem to be going faster, before you know it another week has passed, then the month has passed & those things on your To-Do list have still not been crossed off. Have you ever stopped to look at the things on your To-Do list that don't get crossed off. Do you tend to do the day to day tasks all the time and leave the things that will improve your business? Do you leave the working "on" your business tasks to last?

I recently enrolled in a 12 month program with 20 other people. It's a fairly simple structure once per month we learn something new, have things to do before the next month and meet half way through the month to discuss how we are going. I was amazed at our 1st session, how many people had done little or nothing with this new knowledge. I was equally amazed at the excuses of why. Now this program is all about improving your business. We pay money each month for the program. So why the lack of commitment?

Is it because our tasks are taking us outside our comfort zone?

Is it because it's a new way of doing something - meaning we would have to change?

Is it because we put these tasks in the "too hard basket" and get on with our day to day tasks?

Whatever the reason why then would you pay money each month and take time out to sit in the sessions?

Have you ever been to a conference / course / trade show etc learnt a bucket load of new stuff then never applied any to your business because you were too busy? Why?

If what you learn is going to improve your business why put off implementing it?

A while back I looked at The Business World - in 10 years how the world has changed. Technology is changing our business environment, new business are emerging, old industries are becoming extinct and new innovations are driving the business world forward.

So why put off implementing the things that will help improve your business?

Being the business owner is all about taking charge. Taking responsibility for driving your business forward. Taking responsibility for implementing what you learn. I wonder if you would be happy if you sent one of your team members to a course and they did not implement anything they had learned because they were too busy?

It's your business - so take charge!