Taking Charge.......part 2

The hype and press in Newcastle over the past week (especially in the media) has all been centered around GPT's withdrawal from the City Centre. We have had numerous articles in the local paper with comments by Novocastrian's that the City is doomed to Fail. The Local Radio stations have interviewed representatives from both Fix Our City & Save Our Rail (apparently the Rail Line is the cause of Newcastle CBD being in it's current state). Twitter has been a source of debate blaming our Safe Labor Seat as the reason no Funding is being poured into the City.

All of these sources have opened to the community to debate, reason, complain, strategise, whinge etc

But what's really missing from the big picture.........ACTION........planned action.

How does this have anything to do with your business?

Often in Business we have the same voices giving us ideas, giving us feedback, whinging to us. This can come from employees, customers, suppliers, friends and even ourselves. But how often do we actually DO anything with those ideas & feedback? Do you even take on board the feedback in the 1st place? Or are you too busy running around with the day to day things to even notice? Is your business becoming the Safe Labor Seat?

Remember being the business owner is all about taking charge. And part of taking charge is mapping out your future to ensure your business is still around and thriving in the years to come.

So what can we learn from all of this?

There is never a shortage of ideas. Whether they come from the employees in your business, from feedback from your customers, frustration on your behalf or any other source people are always willing to give you their opinion. The important thing is what you do with these opinions & ideas. Do you take time out each week / month to look at your business from the outside? To see what's working, what's run down, what people have been saying about your business? Then what do you do with these ideas & information? Do you have a way of recording all of these ideas? Do you then review these ideas? Do you have a plan of implementing them in your business?

So the question to you is.......if you sit back and do nothing will your business end up like Newcastle CBD........potentially unsaveable?