The Challenge......Part 3

How did you go with the challenge I set you all last week? Are you already measuring your success weekly? Are you already reviewing what works and does not work in your business on a weekly basis? Or are you lacking the motivation & know-how to kick things along?

Running a small business is just like running a marathon. To run a marathon you need to train.....consistently. In business you also need to train. Marathon runners set themselves targets & goals - just like a business owner should. Marathon runners get in the habit of running.........

What habits have you already formed in your business this year?

Now this may sound harsh.........but if you are a business owner and have not done anything to improve your business so far this year what are you doing?

Are you still full of excuses?

Marathon runners start by taking baby steps and building up each week. What are you going to do in your business this week to take those baby steps?