The Challenge......Part 4

This year I've posted numerous articles on forming habits around things you want to acheive in your buisness. How are you going with these habits? Missed any of the articles? You can read them here:

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Last week I talked about our excuses in business and not having enough time to do the important things. It's one thing to make time to work on your business but it's another thing to ensure that time is well spent.

So here is this weeks challenge. Pick a part of your business that is not working to it's optimum level. This might be your back office systems, your front end systems, your marketing plan, your cashflow etc etc. Ask yourself the question - why is this not working? If you've got team members be sure to ask for their feedback as well. The next step is to ask yourself what you want this part of your business to do. Brainstorming in no particular order seems to work best for this exercise. Then start to compile a list of things you need to do to improve.

If it's a big item you are trying to improve you may want to break the list up into categories. The idea is to have a list of things around one particular topic that you need to do that will result in that part of your business working at it's optimum level. Try to start with the things that will give the best results first.

Now all you need to do is set yourself some targets for improvement that are measurable. You don't want to do work each week and not be able to measure how you are tracking. Then it's time to form your habit. Make sure whatever you have chosen is in front of you everyday for the next 28 days for you to work on. And don't forget to include your team.

Struggling with ideas on where to start? Let me know and we can provide some assistance.

Good luck :) I look forward to hearing about your results!