The Challenge........Part 5

9 more weeks to go until the end of the Financial Year!

For some this is a scary thought........another Financial Year is about to finish.....and nothing has changed in their business......the results are the same, the headaches are the same, the cashflow problems are the same.

For others this has been a fantastic Financial Year. Targets have been met, improvements have been made and the business is growing.

Which one of those people are you? Which one would you like to be?

In order to change something you must do something differently. If you are not happy with the results in your business then you need to make some changes to ensure your results change.

At the beginning of the year I challenged you all to set some 28 day habits. That is pick something you want to improve and work on improving it for 28 days straight.....form a habit. Why? Breaking things down into small bite sized pieces is a lot easier than trying to tackle one massive task all at once. It's also a lot easier to monitor your progress. It's easier to get the team involved. And you are more likely to actually *do* what needs to be done.

So here is my challenge......

Pick 2 things you want to change / improve before the end of the Financial Year. Ask yourself Why - why are these 2 things important. Then write them down.

The final step is to hold yourself accountable......the best way to do that is to have someone else hold you accountable.....If you are up for the challenge complete the quick survey below.