The Modern Business - part 2

Last fortnight I wrote about the Modern Business - and challenged you to think about what your businesses IT systems may look like in the future. A while back I also wrote about the business world in 10 years time.

I'm lucky to get to talk to many different people from many different Industries on a daily basis. I'm also lucky that I have an interest in Technology & where this technology can take business in the future. Sometimes however I come across people who are just so closed to what is actually available to help them......whether that be to grow their business, keep employees interested, keep competitive in their Industry or even just survive in their Industry.

Many of you know by now I have a big issue with the fact you only need an internet connection & the address or know how to complete a form and suddenly you are a business owner! It really is that simple. You can be great at your actual job and suddenly your business is growing............but does it stay that way?

Will your Industry / Trade / Profession be the same or similar in 10 years time? Is it the same as it was 10 years ago? How hard is it for new entrants into your Industry? Do you know what the new businesses in your Industry are doing? Or are you too busy just dealing with the day to day headaches in your business?

So how do you stay up to date with all of these changes? How do you deal with your business growth? How do you deal with this changing workforce of Generation Y? How will you deal with Generation Z when you start to employ them?

In this month's L Platers Session we discussed the use of some of this technology around your businesses numbers. And how having up to date figures can allow you to make informed decisions at the click of a button. With programs like Xero now you can have up to date figures on a daily basis with the click of a couple of buttons. Whilst this technology is amazing, it's how you can use it that is even better. Imagine having statements sent automatically to your clients. Imagine having Invoices sent automatically to your clients. Imagine taking your child to swimming lessons and while waiting pulling out your iPhone and reviewing how much and who owes you money, or reviewing how much money you owe, or your progress compared to your budget mid month, or better still completing your invoicing.

What difference do you think this would make to your business? What difference do you think it would make if you could determine what your best selling product was by profit margin with the click of a button? What if you could pull up all the conversations you have had with a customer or supplier?

What information would make kicking those business goals a lot easier? Is there technology available that could deliver that information to you? What are you doing about it?