Wow what a great weekend at #xerocon! It's always fantastic to listen to successful & passionate people & Xero certainly turned the goods on for the weekend conference.

It's fantastic not only to get to spend the weekend with people who are also passionate about your industry but it's equally as great to listen to the stories & meet some new people.

One of the things I took away from the conference is how well not only Xero but their partners such as workflow max, vend & spotlight reporting are at ASKING their clients to contribute to the roadmap of improvements & enhancements to their software. After all it is *us* the consumer who more often than not would like the improvements.

They do this by a using their Xero Community Boards or by talking to their customers,and monitoring things like twitter and the linked in groups.

Now imagine how many new features go into these products that come purely from suggestions from clients? I'm sure many of you either via ourselves or direct have given some feedback yourselves.

So if Xero can learn so much from their clients does that mean you can to? My answer to that is of course. We all have clients and we all sell something to those clients. Whether that is our service or a product it's all the same. So how many of you turn to your customers / clients for product and service improvements? What impact do you think that could make to your business?

So let's learn from the best. This week's challenge is to ask your clients and customers....what can we do to improve.