Happy New Year

Wow what a year!

I hope you have had some time to reflect on your achievements over the last 12 months. It's always important to celebrate the wins. I also hope you are ready to start this 1st week of the New Financial Year with a bang. Remember habits only take 28 days to form.

The Growthwise gang have been busy behind the scenes preparing for the next 12 months. We have had loads of fun transferring clients to Paycycle & Xero and also finding solutions such as Vend for Point of Sale, Unleashed for Inventory and Simpro for Job Management for our clients. We have also implemented a new system internally to plug into Xero called Workflow Max.

What does this mean for you our clients?

Workflow Max is a fantastic tool from a job management perspective. Over the coming month we will be inviting you to access Workflow Max for yourself. You will be able to see where your jobs are up to, reply to any questions we have, upload documents and also have access to your Reports - all from the click of a button. We think this will make working with Growthwise even easier.

We will be sending out our Proposals for the coming 12 months this week so you know well in advance what we will be doing for you and how much this will cost. And as always you will have the option of setting up a Direct Debit to pay our fees monthly.

We will also be introducing a *Mother Hen* to our team! If you missed our advertisement you can watch it below

What else can you expect this year?

Loads more tips! Check out our schedule of updated below

  • Monday - will be the traditional Words from the Wise Guys where we challenge you to improve your business & give you those little hints & tips for success
  • Tuesday - will be our video day! We have been working with some brilliant minds to bring you a video series to start in the next couple of weeks. We have picked several topics to quiz some brilliant minds on
  • Wednesday - will be our Technology day. We will showcase some great tools to help you in your business.
  • Thursday - will be our Technical day. We will give you updates on any changes to the technical rules for running a business.
  • Friday - we will be showcasing YOU. Yes this will be our Client of the Week day. It's always great when we can recommend clients to our clients so what better way then to showcase you. If you would like to be included just let us know.

So we don't clog up your inbox everyday we will only be posting the Monday & Thursday Updates to your Inboxes. The rest will be updated on our Facebook Page, Twitter pages and the video on our YouTube channel. If you would prefer to have these all delivered to your inbox shoot back an email letting me know which days you are interested in. If you are not already following us here are the links to our pages:

Growthwise Facebook

Twitter - just search for @growthwise / @growthwiseSMSF / @growthwiseKW


Let us know if you have any problems signing up to the above.

Oh & stay tuned for the update to our new website!

Happy New Year - the Growthwise gang