Imagine this.........

You are driving home from work this afternoon and you have a car accident. (Of course no one wishes this on anyone however it is a possibility.) The car accident lands you in hospital unable to communicate for 3 weeks.

What would happen to your business in this time?

What if that timeframe was 3 months not just 3 weeks?

Do you think your business would survive?

This question is at the top of my list of questions to ask Business Owners......why? It paints a picture AND gives you something to work on straight away. Unfortunately small businesses tend to rely heavily on the owner. Which in turn exposes the business owner to a huge risk should something happen to them and also deflates the value of the business. Now for some of you this is not the 1st time i have asked this question. But its a question that constantly needs to be asked.

Would you retain your customers? Would your team step up or do they know what to do in your absence? What would happen to critical work? What would happen to your critical relationships? Are these documented anywhere? How would your employees purchase necessary items to continue running the business?

So here is the challenge. Over the next week I want you constantly ask yourself what would happen if you were missing from your business for 3 week? What would happen if it was 3 months?

Then next week we will explore what you can do to ensure your business would still survive.