The Things to do in Xero before the holidays

Xmas is just around the corner which typically means some annual leave for your team as well as public holidays etc. Here are some quick tips to make the payroll process as painless as possible:

  1. Check Public Holiday dates to ensure you know days that are holidays and don't need to be taken as annual leave.
  2. Check the award for your employees to ensure you know what rates you need to pay them if working holidays or overtime etc.
  3. Ensure if your employees are entitled to leave loading this is ticked in the Tax Declaration Tab in each employees file in Xero
  4. Have your employees apply for leave using the Employee Portal - we suggest letting the employees know what days are required to be taken as annual leave if you are closing down vs the days that are public holidays
  5. Approve the leave for your employees in Xero
  6. Check all leave is now scheduled correctly by clicking on Payroll > Overview
  7. Schedule the payrun (don't forget you may not need to pay allowances etc for public holiday days)

This will ensure that you don't miss any annual leave at all. If you prefer your employees to submit Annual Leave applications another way don't forget you need to process the leave manually in Xero before you start the payrun.

If you need any help with your payroll over the xmas break just let the Growthwise team know.