Mobile Job Management

You will all be familiar with the phrase what you can measure you can manage. So in business we often start to measure things with pen and paper. As we grow those systems stay with us and our administration nightmares evolve. Passionate about eliminating all unnecessary things in business Growthwise set out about finding a solution for those of you who have jobs that take you off site. So I'm talking about the IT guys, Air Conditioning technicians, locksmiths, plumbers, pest controllers, electricians, cleaners, landscapers etc etc. Enter GeoOP. What we were looking for originally was a simple solution that allowed the remote or offsite workers to communicate electronically with the office without having to take back those lovely duplicate books each day or each week. We wanted the technicians to be able to do the technician work and not worry at all about paperwork. What we found in GeoOP was that + much much more.

Over the years we have worked with many business to streamline processes. Often this results in having administration staff in the office handle the paperwork once the job is completed to ensure invoices have been sent to clients, money collected etc. We have even worked with clients to ensure they have a database of existing customers to make the process simpler. But all too often we found the technicians or people on site were still wearing the brunt of the administration process and still having to either fax information, go home and type it into an email, call or worse drive the paperwork back to the office! We've seen so much double data entry from the person completing the job to the back office to the invoicing and accounting system it was no wonder these businesses were swamped.

So let's take a look at a scenarios.....

Air Conditioner

Each year a reminder comes via post for me to have my air conditioner serviced. I've owned my house for over 6 years now and have used the same Air Conditioning place each year for the service. Each year someone comes and asks me the same questions. Have I ever had a problem in the past with the air conditioner, any other issues etc etc. Now 3 years ago I had a problem with the Air Conditioner and it was this company who fixed it. But without that information in front of him the technician has to listen to me say *you still haven't upgraded your job management system have you!* At the end of the service I am handed a semi legible piece of paper with hand written notes as to what has been done. I am asked to sign on the duplicate copies and need to ring the office to give them my credit card details to pay.

Now if this business was using GeoOP.....the technician would be able to look at past jobs completed for this address & any issues on his phone before he walks in. He can look at photos taken by prior technicians. He can use a checklist to tick off what has been done. With the click of a button he can track how long the job takes and any material used. Photos can also be taken to show what's been done. At the end a click of a button and the final report is produced that I sign off on on the iPad or iPhone. An invoice is automatically generated and sent to my email address along with the final report. All before the technician walks out of the door. Follow up work can be scheduled, notification i've completed the job is automatically sent to the dashboard for the job scheduler and a notification showing the next job appears on the phone with instructions on how to get there.

Now that is a very short scenario of the differences. No driving back to the office to hand in paperwork. No forgetting to invoice the customer. No data entry in the office at all as the invoices go directly into Xero. Now imagine the time you could save both from an admin perspective as well as the technician perspective not having to write things out and re-enter them. Imagine having up to date data showing you what products were used on your jobs. I guarantee with the manual systems jobs are being forgotten. Little touch ups etc won't be being recorded or invoiced. And it's damn hard to track the actual profit per job if you have to keep manual records. Not to mention the wasted time and paper shuffling. Clients are getting at least an extra job per technician each week.

So what are some of the other cool features of GeoOP?

  • Easy to use iPad and iPhone apps
  • GPS tracking for the team so you know who is closest for urgent jobs etc
  • Ability to add and store photos, files and notes against each job
  • Send SMS or emails to your customer easily
  • Setup recurring jobs
  • Smart resource scheduling
  • Instant Notifications
  • Ability to assign multiple jobs
  • Produce Quotes
  • Obtain signatures from clients or others on the job
  • Permissions for staff members
  • Multiple staff rates so you can cost your jobs accurately

And a host of others......But don't take our word for it. Head on over to the GeoOP website to hear from some happy customers.

If you weren't at Hunter DiGiT and missed out on a demonstration let us know and we can organise a demonstration for you. If you are keen to transform the way your business operates now is the perfect time to test and implement. Contact us for help in determining if GeoOP is right for you and with setup and training for your business.