This morning when you log into Xero you will see some fantastic new features.....and the best bit of just log in. No Upgrades on your end. No restarting your Computer....It's all been done for you. So let me run you through a few of the things I think you will like:

HTML Graphs

For those of you who use Xero on your iDevices you will be pleased to know you can now see the graphs!

Invoice Changes

You can now easily Reorder the line items on your Invoices and insert new lines. You will now see an extra column on the left hand side. You just click, drag and drop to change the order.


For those interested Xero now has an easy way of dealing with Discounts check out this video of the new features.

Search Improvements

When searching in the Invoices section you can now search on the line item descriptions as well. You can also seach by Phone Number in the contacts section now as well.

Xero Community

One of the exciting things this morning is the release of the Xero Community. This is a community forum where you can put forward improvements, have a look at other suggested improvements for Xero, search questions that other users have asked from a help perspective and generally get a feel for what's happening. I suggest you all go and have a look at the community and utilise this to put forward your suggestions

As always look out for another Xero update in a few weeks.