Introducing Xero Payroll.....

As everyone logs into Xero this morning you will see a lovely little (well not really little!) change. Payroll has now been integrated into Xero. So no more Paycycle!!!!

For those of you who had already been using Paycycle you don't need to do anything. All of the details in Paycycle including Employees, Leave, Past Payruns etc have been automatically transferred to Xero.

Here is the new look and how you access Payroll. When you click on the Payroll menu you are presented with the same dropdown menu as when you were using Paycycle.

You still add payruns etc exactly the same way as what you did in Paycycle. The only difference when posting a payrun will be you don't export to Xero....instead you click Create Draft Invoice (note this is from exactly the same spot as Exporting)

The only difference is reporting. Instead of reports being on the dropdown menu under Payroll they are now in the Reports tab. Over the next few months Xero will be releasing more Payroll reporting in the Xero style, dashboard integration and the ability for employees to submit their own timesheets!

As always Xero have release notes for the changes (Xero Changes) and have also added a brand new help section just for payroll (Payroll Help).

If you have any questions as you are processes this weeks payrun just let us know and we can walk you through the changes.