Adapt or Die

Most of you will know the Growthwise team have been hard at work for the last 12 months along with Craig Wilson from Sticky and the Eclipse team organising the Design Interactive and Green-tech festival. I often get asked why we decided to embark on such a venture. If you have ever read these emails before you will know the Growthwise team are very passionate about helping businesses succeed.

I've been attending the SXSW festival in Austin each year for a few years now. This is an absolutely amazing experience. I learn so much, get so motivated, get to watch businesses form as the festival unfold, talk to some extremely visionary people and really extend myself. The conference has NOTHING at all to do with accounting. Not one session is geared towards accounting. But EVERY session is geared towards me learning about what is happening in the Industries around me, what my competitors don't know, how I can think outside the square and apply principles to my business.

Each year I've been asking if only ALL of the clients of Growthwise could go to something like this. Imagine the competitive edge, the business improvement, the learning.

Enter DiG.

With a lot of hard work the theme for this years event is ADAPT OR DIE. This is an incredibly relevant issue for businesses, innovators, creators. Our world is changing rapidly. Unless ALL business look at what they are doing it will be very easy to be left behind. Not to mention the the opportunities to meet hundreds of new clients, exhibitors and the speakers themselves.

So what's happening at DiG & why should you go?

  1. We have a jam packed conference program (back to back sessions from 8.30am) that will certainly expand your mind to all things possible. With topics like The Future of Payments, Converting established organisations into lean startups, Technology enhanced learning, Stop talking at Me, Nobody is listening to Rethinking the Consumer Buying Process the program has something for everyone.
  2. We have a series of awesome workshops to do those deep dives into the things you want to concentrate on. Design workshops - peeling the layers of the onion, What VC's want to see - for those who are looking at funding, How to hothouse ideas and realise products & retail in the age of the Empowered customer.
  3. Slingshot Startup Pitch Competition - giving away a place in the next accelerator program & up to $30k. For those who have a new business idea this is an awesome opportunity pitch your idea. But even for those who don't have a new business idea what a fantastic opportunity to see the ideas coming up, how people present and what the experts want to see!
  4. PwC Open Innovation - $15k in grants up for grabs - now this is one of my fav parts of the festival. Open Innovation allows businesses to solve existing customer problems, operational and efficiency issues and enables them to engage directly with members of their own community. The awesome part....connecting the startup and SME community with the corporates. What a great team building opportunity to really stretch the team and be mentored by the best.
  5. Time to talk to Exhibitors to see what's new, what might be beneficial for your business and how to implement everything. Not to mention the ability to talk to the people behind some of the products you already use.

We have built this program with you in mind. The opportunities, learning and motivation that will come from this event will be amazing.

I can't stress enough the importance of stepping outside your business. Being busy is certainly no excuse. As using that as an excuse will ensure you are always busy.....but not necessarily doing the right things.

When was the last time you took 2 days to really think about your business, the opportunities, what's next and how you can improve?

We still have our special Growthwise tickets available. The entire 2 days only cost $199 (and it's tax deductible!) Tickets available by just clicking this link