Gone are the days where small business don't have access to technology. Let's make 2013 the year you use tools available to you to automate your business. Why do something over and over again if you don't have to? Why tie yourself to the office if you don't have to?

Introducing Zapier. This brilliant little tool is designed to help you push (or zap) notifications from one system to the other, therefore eliminating your data entry and ensuring everything is pushed from one system to the other. Here are just a few of the things you can do automatically with Zapier....

  1. Automatically add someone who has signed up to attend an event (via Eventbrite) to your Mailchimp database
  2. Automatically let the rest of the team know about interesting articles to read using Buffer & Yammer
  3. Push a salesforce Invoice to Xero
  4. Automatically create a note in Eventbrite when you have a certain appointment in your Calendar. Using Eventbrite you can then have templates setup for certain meetings
  5. Automatically create customers in Unleashed from enquiries on your website
  6. Automatically share YouTube videos to Box
  7. Automatically post to Yammer when a new invoice is uploaded in Xero (note you can select only certain types of Invoices)
  8. Automatically add a Mailchimp Subscriber when someone is added to Capusule CRM
  9. Automatically send a notice to Yammer when someone's Invoice is overdue in Xero
  10. Push Paypal Invoices to Xero

There are literally hundreds of *Zaps* that you can generate for your business. How many times have you missed adding someone to your E-Newsletters? How many times have you wished you didn't need to add that person to multiple systems? Wouldn't it be great to be notified of things in one spot? You would be surprised how much time is wasted re-entering information and how often we miss certain things. Just going through some of the *Zaps* will be a good thinking exercise for what else you can be doing in your business.

You can integrate things like Basecamp, Campaignmonitor, Salesforce, Box, Capsule, Xero, Unleashed, Dropbox, Deputy, Gmail, Evernote, Formstack, Paypal, Yammer, Shopify and many many more.

Don't know what some of these systems do? Have a task you wish you could automate but haven't worked out how? Let us know and we can help find a solution.

What could you automate in your business?