As usual Xero have released a heap of new Features. We love that this happens every 6-8 weeks. Sometimes they are just small little things but today we have some of our MOST requested features!!!!

Now don't stress if the below makes no sense to you just pop along to our #babyxerocon event Tuesday the 16th from 5.30 to see the new features in action.

Eventbrite - #babyxerocon #4 - Get the most out of Xero + The low-down on updates & Add-on Partners

Let's take a look at some of the new features

Batch deposits

If you have people who pay by cheque (hopefully not!) or you process multiple payments via Direct Debit or a Credit Card Facility you had to wait until the payment actually made it into your bank account to mark the Invoices off as paid...or you had to painfully mark each one off manually.

Now we can simply click all the Invoices you are processing and click the deposit button!

This is a huge time saver!

Deposit Slips

With the Introduction of the above you can now also print a simple deposit slip to take to the bank. This is very handy if you have cheques to bank.

Receipt for Customer Payments

Still on the same theme you can now send a receipt to your customers to say thanks for the payment. As usual you can brand the Receipt Template just the same as you can your Invoices and Statements. You can also setup a standard wording on the email body for the receipt as well.

You can send the Receipt from the page when completing a Batch Deposit or you can send from the Account Transactions screen as well. Xero have a great help section on this - just click this link

Update to contact search

A few of you have had some trouble finding contacts when you are typing in the contact name on the Invoice screen. Xero have made some improvements so the search is on the Contact Name as well as the Primary Contact. This should help in ensuring contacts are not doubled up.

Export Invoices & Bills

You can now export your Sales and Purchases Invoices to csv (ie excel). This is great if you want to look at who, how much and what you are selling. The only catch here is that you can only export 500 invoices at a time.

The export will bring in the line item descriptions for you so if you are using Inventory Items this will be a great addition.

Update to Inventory Items

Xero are working on an Inventory module. This will be a very light Inventory system. In preparation for the release there have been a few updates to Inventory Items. You can now tick that you purchase or sell this item and include a description for both Purchases and Sales.

More Reports!

This is a very exciting addition to Xero and one that will continue to improve. You can now customise your reports in a lot more detail. These reports are being rolled out slowly and will continue to be updated. You can access them by clicking Try out the new reports from the All Reports menu.

Check out some of the things you can do with the reports from the Xero video below

We can't wait to play with these new reports with you to help drill down into more of your data.

Don't forget to see all the updates + a stack more come along to our next event - Tuesday 16th Sept.

Eventbrite - #babyxerocon #4 - Get the most out of Xero + The low-down on updates & Add-on Partners