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Our Programs

Running a small business takes time, especially when it comes to your accounting and all of the admin that goes with it. Our programs are designed to give you back your time, so you can focus on the other important parts of your business.

From our L-Platers for start-ups to our Black Ops for the established, we give you the tools and support you need to push your performance and help your business soar

Overwhelmed and need advice to rescue your business?

We‘re here to help, regardless of what stage you are at in the business cycle.

Case Studies

Since opening our doors, we’ve saved a bunch of small businesses from the evils of accounting administration. Here are some of our favourite rescue tales. 

Check out some of our happy clients…


psyborg® Image
Daniel Borg, psyborg®

Originally, Growthwise came to me to assist them with designing their brand and communications strategy. I decided to switch over to growthwise as I began to understand their enthusiasm, approach, professionalism and expertise.

Daniel Borg, psyborg®


psyborg® is a branding, graphic design and interactive studio that solves business communication problems with online, offline and inline marketing strategies. We have worked with Growthwise for 4 years.

The relationship began when Growthwise approached us for a brand and communications strategy. We developed an understanding of their offering and an appreciation for their enthusiasm and expertise. The team presented a proposal that made sense and we didn’t hesitate to make the switch.

Our previous supplier delivered work on key dates with an ‘accountancy-first, business growth-second’ approach. At Growthwise this approach is flipped with an holistic services offering.


Their first task was to transition psyborg® from MYOB to Xero. It made a huge difference to the efficiency of our business. We were off to a good start and the relationship has only improved. The team is attentive, responsive and prompt to answer any questions whenever we have them. And not only do they perform annual reports on our previous year but they go the extra mile to help us forecast and set business goals for the year ahead.

On the L & P Platers programs, Growthwise understands our business in order to educate and motivate us to grow the studio in a directed and sustainable way.

The key features of the Growthwise offering that psyborg® has found most beneficial are:

  • They are an enthusiastic and passionate team who are like partners, not accountants.
  • They have a deep understanding of our business to help us understand how to grow.
  • They are well connected in digital media and the fast-paced nature of changing business.


Growthwise has helped psyborg® improve in a number of ways and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other businesses.

Knowledge to grow

We understand our business better, which helps us to make smarter decisions that help us grow.

Business efficiency

The move to Xero has made our business more efficient with fast access to data that helps connect our business systems.

P Plater

Find out more about our P Platers program

You’ve thought, you’ve learned and now it’s time to grow.

Novocastrian Scaffolding & Access Equipment

Growthwise have been great on achieving the results required for our company. We are a medium size company and the advice and results have been great for the Business.

Amanda Curley, Novocastrian Scaffolding & Access Equipment


Novocastrian is a scaffolding hire, sales labour and transport business. We have used Growthwise for all of our accountancy requirements since they started up 5 years ago.

We decided to move to Growthwise after experiencing frustrations with our previous supplier. After meeting Steph, we were really impressed with their forward-thinking approach to business accountancy and in particular with her knowledge and professionalism.


The team at Growthwise is fantastic and their service is exceptional. They respond to every call or email on the same day and are efficient in everything they do. On top of this, they are friendly, knowledgeable and we really benefit from the learning sessions they provide through their L & P Platers programs.

The learning sessions help us improve our understanding of our own business from a broader perspective to the extra details that we might have missed in programs like Xero. Through the Q&A sessions, we have met other clients who have helped us grasp and prepare for other challenges and solutions we might encounter in the future.

The key features of their offering that Novocastrian has found most beneficial are:

  • Shortcuts and new ways of doing things in Xero that streamline our operations.
  • The team is helpful and responsive when we come across any hurdles along the way.


Growthwise has shown us how to use Xero in the most efficient and effective way possible and continues to educate us on how to make the most of the tool to help our business run smoothly, with brilliant results. Without Growthwise and Xero, we would still be using old software that might leave us in the dust with our competitors. Now we can work anywhere and everywhere, ensuring business doesn’t stop.

For any business seeking growth, streamlined operations and an accountancy firm with excellent levels of service, knowledge and advice – I would highly recommend Growthwise. In three words, they’re fast, fun and functional!

L Plater

Find out more about our P Platers program

You’ve thought, you’ve learned and now it’s time to grow.

Bryce Hardie Plumbing Services

The team at Growthwise always have the time to seek out the best option for my company, which is demonstrated by the financial gains of Hardie Plumbing Services.

Bryce Hardie, Bryce Hardie Plumbing Services


Hardie Plumbing Services offers a full range of plumbing solutions for commercial and residential premises. After a referral from a friend, we switched to Growthwise 18 months ago and have noticed a big improvement in the efficiency of our business.

Our previous supplier struggled to offer innovative solutions to help our business grow. With the welcoming team at Growthwise, the transition was hassle-free and exciting because of the introduction of new products to help make running our business easier.


Using the latest programs and technology, Growthwise has performed proficiently with an exceptional level of service that goes above and beyond what we expected.

The L & P Platers programs are useful to professionals who don’t have a background in business (like myself) and find it challenging to consider and devise strategies for the company.

The key features of the Growthwise offering that Hardie has found most beneficial are their:

  • knowledge,
  • efficiency
  • technology
  • communication
  • and results.


Since working with Growthwise, my company has grown exponentially thanks to Steph’s vast knowledge and innovative ideas when it comes to business accounting. The team always finds time to seek out the best option for my company.

As well as the bigger picture, the team has helped with the day to day running and efficiency of the business.

Through Growthwise, Hardie Plumbing Services has enjoyed considerable financial gains. I’d recommend them wholeheartedly. In three words, they’re impressive, innovative and dynamic.

P Plater

Find out more about our P Platers program

You’ve thought, you’ve learned and now it’s time to grow.

Neon Zoo

Neon Zoo Image
Abby & Clare, Neon Zoo

Growthwise was able to assist us with their specialist knowledge in migrating our financials to xero and were able to give us some much needed 'tough love' when it came to growing our business.

Abby, Neon Zoo


Neon Zoo is a graphic design studio that offers small to medium businesses branding, design and website solutions. After a friend’s recommendation, we switched to Growthwise in 2012. Our previous supplier wasn’t meeting our small business needs and there were multiple teething problems when we attempted to move from MYOB to Xero.

We wanted accountancy reports that we could understand and access easily from a cloud-based system. Growthwise was able to assist us with their specialist knowledge in migrating our financials to Xero and they created a simple, workable system that us ‘non-financial people’ can manage and grasp. The team also gave us some much needed ‘tough-love’ when it came to the subject of growing our business.


The benefits of using Growthwise have far surpassed our initial ideas of what we thought we would get from our accountant. On the L & P Platers programs we receive business development knowledge, business reviews, planning and regular contact when we have any 'pesky' questions about Xero. It has set us up with fundamental business knowledge about building up our KPIs to run a business that we WANT to work in.

What we have found most beneficial to us is a brand new business mindset that has helped us to eliminate, automate, delegate. And, with exciting new apps and software, our business is streamlined.

With our previous supplier, we were given 2 appointments a year and a pat on the back – even if we hadn’t performed well. On the L & P Platers programs, we see Growthwise monthly and get expert genuine business advice and clearly set targets for our business development.


Growthwise has helped us set clear and simple weekly and monthly KPIs that help us to reach our targets. On their advice, we have also introduced daily 'stand ups' and a weekly 'ban admin' marketing meetings to streamline our workloads.

Along with continual training and Xero features updates, Growthwise has been great in helping us manage and streamline our admin around payroll and batch payments for example. We’ve also learnt about shoeboxes and are about to start using Debtor Daddy, all introduced to us by the team who are always up to date with the latest products and technology.

Innovative, educational and motivating – I would definitely recommend Growthwise. 

P Plater

Find out more about our P Platers program

You’ve thought, you’ve learned and now it’s time to grow.

MCG Quantity Surveyors

MCG Quantity Surveyors Image

Growthwise are always bursting with enthusiasm and I always leave their office brimming with confidence to smash our business goals.

Mike, MCG Quantity Surveyors


We are a consultant quantity surveying firm specialising in construction cost estimating & tax depreciation schedules for both residential and commercial property investors. 

We decided to setup in business in 2011 so really wanted someone to help guide us through starting business from scratch. Growthwise have been working with us since we first came up with our business idea. 


In terms of performance Growthwise are like a Duracell enema. They’re always bursting with enthusiasm and I always leave their office brimming with confidence to smash our business goals, and sometimes a niggling notion that I could make it as a hipster (thank you Andrew.)

We have found the L and P Platers programs fun, enlightening, at times hysterical and always informative. 

But the key thing about Growthwise for us is their willingness to not only help you implement technology to make doing business easier, but their proactive drive to seek it out and trial it for themselves first. Everyone feels sorry for the first people out of the landing craft in saving private Ryan, but I imagine I’d best be waiting a few moments, until I see what’s happened to the guy in front of me. It’s like that…. only with cloud applications.


We went from the idea of starting a business that may have stayed in our heads, through to starting the business, employing multiple staff and operating across Australia. We’ve also never had to prepare a BAS statement, which I imagine is about as enjoyable as a 18th century appendectomy.

Helping our business increase its level of efficiency has been a top priority for Growthwise. Asking if Growthwise has helped our business is like saying "does the roof help to stop you getting wet, or did the 5 red bulls contribute to the mild heart palpitations and the beautiful lucid euphoria?"

Growthwise in 3 words - Provocative, beneficial and phantasmagoric.

Our Ninjas

Our number ninjas are on call to zap, kapow and smash their way through your accounting paperwork with the latest web weapons, so you don’t get buried in admin.

Our Sidekicks

Behind every superhero is some kick-arse support and our partners help us to deliver the goods that benefit our clients every day. From streamlining your business to abolishing administration, they give you the data you need to rocket your business sky high.


Hubdoc is a automatic document fetcher for bank accounts and receipts. In 2016 Steph was listed on their top cloud accountants of 2016 list.

Visit website


The right stock, in the right place, at the right time, all the time. It's easy and enjoyable with Unleashed.

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Vend is beautiful online & iPad POS software & inventory management. Trusted by thousands of stores worldwide.

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WorkflowMax is a software tool that will take the pain out of running your business.

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Squirrel Street

Squirrel Street extracts the data from the pages and human-verifies the key fields required for your accounting and taxes.

Visit website

Receipt Bank

Remove the hassle of receipts and invoices. No more data entry.

Visit website


The easier way to accept online payments.

Visit website


Timely is an intuitive online appointment booking system

Learn more about Timely


The world’s leading cloud-based software system makes accounting a dream. 

Learn more about Xero


Expensify is the world's leading application for expense management, receipt scanning, and business travel.

Visit website


Cloud based job management software for trades and services. Produce online job sheets, schedule staff and invoice on the go.

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Valiant Finance

Valiant is Australia's trusted loan marketplace - dynamically matching loan seekers to over 35+ lenders

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Point Of Sale Software Connecting The World's Best Stores

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Simply the best portfolio admin & tax reporting tool for DIY investors.

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Deputy is so much more than just a rostering tool. We've solved the everyday problems involved in running a business.

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Debtor Daddy

Save time & money by letting Debtor Daddy take care of your debtors and late–payers

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