I've got some money to spend to invest in businesses that want to grow.

If I or someone else put that phrase to you what would you say? What would you say to someone who asked you to pitch your business to them? Could you do it? Why would someone choose to want to invest in your business over someone else's?

That's my challenge to you this week.....seems simple.....but is it really?

Why would someone want to invest in your business? Why would someone want to invest in you?

What makes your business special? Are you doing something different from your competitors? Do you have a revolutionary product? If so is it marketable? Are you as a business marketable? Are you an employer of choice? Do you have a line of keen people who want to work for you?

If one of your competitors had outside investment and help what would that do to your business? Would you survive?

So this week answer the question.......What would you say if someone offered you the opportunity to pitch your business idea?

L Platers

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