On Thursday I was lucky enough to spend the morning with some very interesting people in the accounting world. I was at a Xero Roadshow checking out some of the new features on the horizon. I was lucky enough to be sitting next to someone who teaches accountants what's new in the world. I also spent some time with Hamish Edwards the Co-Founder of Xero, the lovely Agus & Joe from Paycycle & another accounting nerd from Sydney who is doing wonderful things in his business. What a fantastic morning. We shared ideas, solved some problems, shares some more ideas, discussed some fantastic opportunities for collaboration projects, discussed what our clients want to see in a software program and had a lot of fun.

It's days like Thursday that I love. The opportunity to learn from fantastic people as well as brainstorming some ideas to improve the products we use in our business and recommend to clients.

But this also made me think. As small business owners how often do you take the time to learn? Who do you learn from? And how do you get your information?

How do you keep up in this fast changing world?

Do you read blogs, journals etc to keep up to date with what's happening in your Industry? Do you ever attend Trade Shows to see what your Competitors are up to? Do you take the time to step outside of your business and look at what other Industries or Businesses are doing?

If not why not?

We live in an ever changing world. Keeping up to date is something that all Business Owners MUST do. Otherwise they they risk becoming extinct. They risk their business becoming extinct.

So what are you doing today to KEEP UP?