The Xero update fairies were hard at work last night! This morning when you log in you will notice a few very nice new changes.

Remittance Advices

Possibly the most asked for feature request from you has been remittance advices. Well the wait is over, as of this morning you can now automatically send remittance advices. All you do is click Send Remittance when you have created your batch payment. The remittance advice is sent as a PDF similar to emailing out invoices. You can even do this for batch payments you prepared last week. This means when you are paying all of your suppliers once / week or fortnight as a batch one more click and you have automatically sent out Remittance Advices to all of them. Xero Boosters we will go over this in more detail on Thursday. In the meantime Xero Help menu shows you the steps for sending

Multiple Budgets with Tracking

Budgeting in Xero is now even better. You can now create Multiple Budgets so you can track against top aim and minimum. You can also now create budgets per tracking category. So for those of you who have your tracking categories setup in Xero for different product lines, locations, staff etc you can now track budgets per these cost centres. This is a fantastic new feature which will let you look at a glance what section of your business is outperforming the other. Full help on how to enter here

Address Lookups

It's important to keep your database up to date at all times and this nifty little feature will certainly help with that. Right from within an Invoice or Statement you can click add address for your customers. Better still you can use the Find Address box and Xero will search the address as you are typing. This gives you the exact address you are looking for an also cuts down on that data entry time yet again :) Just go into one of your customer or supplier invoices (or even statement) and click the add address button.

Export Contacts by Group

The last feature is great for those of you who have your contacts grouped. Last week in Xero Booster I showed you how to Bulk Invoice to an entire group of customers. You can now export your Contact Groups out to excel. This is handy if you need to bulk update a group of customers or suppliers. It will also assist if you needed to do a manual upload into your email management system for a select group of your customers or suppliers.

Still more exciting things to come on the Xero roadmap including online invoicing, default invoice payment terms and email templates. If you need any help with the above features just let us know. Xero Boosters stay tuned for your video updates on the above features.