Great new payroll reports

When you log into Xero next you will notice some great new Payroll Reports as well as some welcome customisation features to the existing reports.

Transaction Listing Reports

Two brilliant reports have just been released - the Transaction Listing Summary and Transaction Listing detail reports. These reports will give you a breakdown of all the pay items such as what has been paid for the month in Ordinary Hours, Overtime, Super and any deductions and allowances etc. You can run these reports at a helicopter view so you can see the total of each pay items or you can run a detail report per employee. Better still you have the option to filter all of these reports as well. They can be filtered per employee, over a specific date range, grouped by your employee groups and best of all exported to excel if you need to manipulate further.

Timesheet Reports

You now also have a Timesheets Detail and Timesheets Summary report. Again these can be filtered per employee, for a date range or by your timesheet category. These reports are a great way of tracking overtime worked over a certain period, the number of hours worked each day for your team and again these reports can be exported. The reports can also be filtered to give you just overtime hours as an example. This is an excellent way to stay on top of what your team are doing each week.

Employee Remuneration Report

This is great when you want to look at all of your employees side by side. You can see the standard pay hours, hourly rate and total annual salary for the entire team or filter by employee group, or full time and part time. Again this can be exported to excel which is great if you want to see what an increase in hourly rate would do to your yearly salaries.

Payment Summary Details Report

This is great for double checking your monthly totals to your Profit and Loss. but more importantly fantastic for producing your end of year payment summaries. You can look at one report and cross check that to your year end accounts and what was lodged with the ATO. The Employee Contact Report is also a great report to check before you are ready to complete your PAYG Payment Summaries to ensure you have the correct details for each employee.

Other Changes

You will notice changes to all of your existing reports as well. You can now filter these reports, view them without having to open in a new tab and once again everything can be exported it you wish. You can also sort the reports by any of the column headings, take some of the columns out of reports all together.

Any questions with the new reports just let one of the Growthwise team know.