Great news!

The Xero update fairies have been hard at work again while we were all enjoying our sleep :)

When you log into Xero today you will notice some new features. This is mainly around the Purchases screen

Purchase Orders would certainly have to be one of the most requested features from our clients and a popular one on the Xero Community Forum.

So what does the new update allow you to do?

You can send Purchase Orders to all of your suppliers now and then easily transform those into invoices. You can have your team enter Purchase Orders and have yourself or a manager approve them. You can also completely customise the Purchase Orders and the emails you send with them.

Now for those of you who have never worried about sending Purchase Orders now might be a time for you explore whether preparing them inside Xero will help streamline your workflow and #banadmin a little more.

Xero have a great little video explaining How to use the Purchase Order section but as usual if you have any problems at all just let one of the Growthwise team know.

Purchase Orders in Xero