The Challenge......Part 2

Blink and you will have missed the 1st month of the new year. Now maybe it's just me but time seems to be flying along. It feels like just yesterday it was February last year.....Does anyone else feel like that?

Does anyone feel like they have not accomplished what they wanted for the New Year so far? What excuses have you made for that? Too busy? Staff headaches? Family Commitments?

I happened to turn on the TV last night at 7pm. I was greeted with screaming trainers on the Biggest Looser & then straight away tears of joy from one of the contestants as they lost a whopping one week. Now I would imagine all contestants on the show have had many excuses about not having anytime to exercise and not having the knowledge to understand what to eat. But finally they are all now doing something about kicking their poor habits and forming some potentially life saving new ones.

Now if we compare your business to the contestants on The Biggest Looser where do you sit?

Do you already have the motivation, discipline & knowledge it takes to kick-arse in business?

Or are you the contestant before they hit the show.......the ones with the bad habits and excuses?

Now don't get me wrong it's an understatement to say that in our information overload society we are not busy people..........but busy doing what? The right things to drive your business forward? The things that will help set your family up for life? The things to streamline your business & free up some of your time? The things that will add to your bottom line?

So my challenge for you this week is to figure out where you sit.

Are you the person that needs the knowledge to understand how to make those ever needed improvements in your business? Are you the person that needs the push & the motivation - much like the role of a personal trainer?

Then give Growthwise a call so we can point you in the right direction. Take that scary step and do something about it.